Good morning, world!

Just for us

This blog began as a 30-day challenge (, when I finally decided to stop thinking about it and start doing it! 

It’s the realisation of all those early morning moments when I stood to catch my breath at the top of a hill that I’d just run up and thought “I wish I could capture this sunrise” or share this little inspiration.

The photography isn’t meant to be technically brilliant, and it isn’t – not least because I’m normally out of breath and can’t quite keep my hands steady!  And I like to run light – no water bottle, no iPod, no backpack; so just me and a compact camera and the hope that I’ll remember whatever thought has struck me when I get back so I can drink some coffee and scribble it down!

There are many reasons I think it’s worth getting out of bed for an early morning run: seeing a new day from the very beginning, getting closer to nature, finding a still moment in a busy city, feeling enlivened and productive (and quite smug) for the rest of the day… 

What fascinates me most are the other people who are also out and about and pausing to take in the view.  Dragging myself out of bed sometimes it might feel as though I’m the only person up at such an hour, but I never am.  We’re a club of sorts – we meet or pass at the same place most mornings before we continue on to lead the rest of our day. We have in common only that we’re 6am joggers.

If you are a fellow 6am jogger (or a 6am powerwalker, or dogwalker, or early morning exerciser of any description), or if you’re an early morning photographer who actually does get up and about with the full kit and captures better scenes than I do, please get in touch and I’d love to add your thoughts and images too!


2 thoughts on “Good morning, world!

  1. Nice post! I fit into the early morning jogger category considering that I start my morning run (jog) at 5am to avoid the sun and heat. Waiting for the weather will cool off a bit so I can start my run a bit later.

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