Chasing the dawn

I hadn’t actually intended to run this morning.  After a 10K club run last night, today was going to be a rest day.  However since I’ve begun this regular blog, I’ve become a dawn-chaser, obsessed with capturing the perfect sunrise!  Hence I threw on my running gear and literally sprinted up a hill to take this photo!

a couple of minutes earlier...

It was a magnificent morning; perfectly still and crisp.  Until I started running a few years ago, I only really appreciated the weather when it presented an opportunity (or frustrated an attempt) to organise something like a picnic or a barbeque and never gave it much thought beyond what to wear or whether to take an umbrella out.  I would have given a glance at a cobalt blue Autumn sky or a spectacular sunset, but I would never have seen a view like the one I saw this morning.

We used to run our whole lives by Nature, from sunrise to sunset, but modern life has conspired to take us away from it.

Go out and fill your lungs with the bright air of dawn, and whatever you thought about your day when you woke up, I challenge you to think the same way about it when you get back.


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