Early one Sunday…

Okay, not that early.  Not 6am anyway, more like twenty past seven, but most of London was not yet awake.  Or in the case of the man trying fervently to scale a lamppost in Primrose Hill, maybe not yet gone to bed!

I used to be a champion sleeper at the weekends, frequently still fast asleep at 9, 10 or sometimes even 11am.  That was until I started running, and until the person who inspired me to start also showed me how important it is to stick to a good routine at the weekends.

It makes sense.  Our bodies don’t understand that we ascribe five days out of seven to “work”, and then come the other two, throw our regimen out the window.

If you change your routine dramatically at the weekend (stay up late, get up late, stop moving), it’s very difficult to start the new week well.  6am Monday becomes very painful!

That’s not to say that it isn’t important to rest.  (Or occasionally to go crazy, stay up til dawn and try and climb a lamppost in the park.)  Most training and exercise schedules advocate a weekly rest day.  But if you build activity and rest into a good sustainable routine during the week, there’s no need to slump at the weekend.  In fact, I find now that if I “treat” myself to a lazy day and a late start (I tried this yesterday, for the purposes of research!), I feel rubbish!

Plus, if you love early morning running, and I do, then why would you want to stop?


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