6am high to 6pm crash

This is my first post about nutrition.  I love the subject of nutrition. I absolutely love the idea of learning how to have more energy, feel better, run better, recover faster and prevent problems in the future.  I love the idea of understanding the impact of everything that goes in and how fundamentally it affects us and how we think and feel and perform.

In theory.

But as a subject, it also makes me a bit fidgety.  There’s just so much to learn, and you only have to scratch the surface for it all to become quite technical.  In the same vein, I’d love to know more about wine so that I could expand my choices, but really you can’t hope to learn more than a smattering about it without years of study, and you end up feeling more ignorant than when you started. 

I’ve always felt that once you get into nutrition, you really have to get all the way into it.  If you know a little bit about good nutrition, then you’ve got to know all about good nutrition.  And you’d have to absorb it into your life totally, morning to night and everything in between.

And that’s what makes me twitchy and sends me back to my regular diet and emergency rations of Snickers and Lucozade.

It’s not that I eat badly, far from it.  I love to cook from scratch, and I enjoy fruit (although I’m SO bored with bananas and it’s hard to get anywhere with good sports nutrition without them) and vegetables, and I have a near-fetish for dairy products so there’s definitely no problem with calcium.  But I know I could do so much better, and I know there must be a better way to avoid the 6pm crash than Snickers, or needing a pre-run Lucozade.  And the unavoidable truth is that getting up early and going for a daily run does take a lot out.

So I’d like to try and adopt the same approach to nutrition as I do to running in general. 

I’ve never followed a training plan.  I decided to start running one day about three years ago, so I invested in some trainers (and a good sports bra – most important), and ran a bit.  And that was it.  I ran a bit and walked a bit, and ran a bit further and walked a bit less.  And then I reached that magically happy point where I could sustain myself and recover on the go, and then I could run a lot further. 

Most importantly, I LOVED it.  I enjoyed being out in the open air in the early morning, and the natural high of moving.  There are far better runners who’ve studied the best and latest guidance, but I only need to be able to do what I love doing.

And therefore I will endeavour to seek out the essential ingredients to enable me to run early and run well, and not slump later on, and share them in a series of posts here.  The “basic trainers and sports bra” of running nutrition if you like, and the rest comes naturally. 

Nothing that’s a chore, definitely no seeds (meh) and not too many damn bananas…


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