Making sense of modern life

I’m writing this on an early morning train from London to Birmingham.  The train is passing the misty Buckinghamshire greenbelt and, just a moment ago, a man standing in the middle of a field.

He isn’t running, and neither am I, so technically he doesn’t belong in my early morning running blog.  It would have made an amazing photo though, and the image struck me for the same reason that I’m inspired by early morning running.

The field is a very ordinary, flat, featureless, open expanse.  At a distance, in all directions, are housing estates and small communities, and he might have walked early this morning from any one of them. 

Within his house, wherever it is and whatever his life is, there are dramas and crises and challenges and stresses and elations and disappointments and relationships and hopes and fears and dreams, and there will be a whole set more at his office.

But just for a moment, there’s open space and sky and grass and fresh morning air and November mist and silence (shattered briefly by the passing 07.43 to Birmingham).

The above with thanks to Rich Gibbs Photography because I don’t have my camera and anyway couldn’t take a photo from a speeding train, but I found this image of a misty morning field and it’s very nice 🙂


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