Will you be running on Christmas morning?

There’s something extra-special about seeing Christmas Day in from sunrise, and having a quiet moment of reflection before the chaos!

To some who see you pass by, it might seem ridiculous: that you’re such a fitness freak you can’t even give yourself a break on Christmas Day.  Or that you’re so concerned about the coming mountain of turkey and roast potatoes and pudding and mince pies and cake that you have to kick off the day with a fat-burning run in order to cope.

To me, it’s nothing to do with any of that.  It’s a positive choice to get outside and appreciate a special day from the beginning.

I’ve always liked how everyone makes an extra effort to greet people they pass in the street on Christmas Day, and there’s even more of a feeling of solidarity when you pant a ‘Merry Christmas’ to another runner, a sense that you’re in on the same secret.

I’ll be posting photos of my sunrise Christmas Day run here, come rain or sun or even a few feet of snow!  It would be amazing to see other runners’ Christmas morning photos too.  If you’re running on Christmas Day, and you don’t mind taking a compact camera or an iPhone with you, capture the scene and share it here.  If you’d like to send in a photo, please email me at the6amjogger@gmail.com


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