36 degrees of separation (+ how to run on ice)

Last week I smugly ran in 30 degree warmth in Dubai; this morning it was a fairly brutal -6 in London!  But, as exclaimed by a rosy-faced early-morning bird watcher who emerged from the trees and made me jump out of my skin, “what a morning!”.

I’m always looking about me for a nice photo when I’m running, but this morning my surroundings were totally absorbing.  Everywhere you look is a perfect view.

On a technical note, enjoying a morning like this, and not missing out on a nice, long weekend run because of the ice and snow, means knowing how to run safely in winter conditions.  Interestingly, I think it means adopting some of the techniques that I’ve been trying to learn in order to adopt a more minimalist style, in particular taking quick, short, light steps. 

This is a pretty impressive example of running on ice! http://completerunning.com/archives/2006/09/30/pose-method-running-on-ice/ The focus here is on ball-of-the-foot-landing and pulling the leg back with the hamstring on each stride, which is exactly what the marvellous Tom Craggs at Perfect Fit Training has been teaching me.  What better morning to put it into practice.  (And with such cold temperatures first thing, there are less people around to watch!)

Wrap up warm and enjoy your run!